Pull Front Kitchen
 FC Front Kitchen (Fun Runner, Titan & Carrera Lite)
 FL Front Kitchen (Fun Runner & Titan)
 FR Front Kitchen (Carson Rebel Mini)
Pull Front Bed
 MB Master Front Bed (Fun Runner, Titan & Carrera Lite)
 CB Front Bed (Fun Runner & Titan)
 SB Sport Bed (Fun Runner)
Pull Front Bath
 FDD Deluxe Front Bath (Fun Runner & Titan)
 FDE Economy Front Bath (Fun Runner, Titan & Carrera Lite)
 FA Front Bath (Carson Rebel-X)
Fifth Wheel
 FT Fifth Wheel (Fun Runner, Titan & Carrera Lite)



Racer Deluxe
HiWay Cargo
Carson Enclosed




Dump Trailers
Single Axle, 5000lb GVW
2-Axles, 7000lb GVW
HD, 2 axles
Landscape Trailers
Single Axle


ATV Trailers
ATV single axle
ATV 2 axles
Quad side-Load
RV Special
Utility / Equipment Trailers
Utility, 2 axles
Flatbed Trailers
8ft & 8 1/2ft Wide


Car Haulers
Light Car Hauler
Standard Car Hauler
California Car Hauler
Deluxe Car Hauler
Heavy Duty Car Haulers
HD Car Hauler 10,000 GVW
HD Car Hauler 12,000 GVW
HD Car Hauler 14,000 GVW

Tow Dolly Trailer by:


Heavy Duty / Equipment Trailers
10,000 LBS GVW
12,000 LBS GVW
14,000 LBS GVW
8 1/2' Wide Flatbed 10,000, 12,000, and 14,000 LBS GVW
8 1/2' Wide Flatbed 20,000 LBS GVW
Slope-Deck Car Hauler 21,000 LBS GVW

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